Play The Genie Jackpots Online Slot Today

We just know you are going to love playing the Genie Jackpots slot game, for unlike many other video slot games this one comes with a plethora of unique bonus games and bonus features!

Genie Jackpots is one of the next generation of slot games that has been designed by Blue Print Gaming, who are earning themselves a reputation as a designer of some of the most playable slot games you will find available online!genie jackpots slot logo and character

If you have never played their range of slots before, then below you will find everything you need to know about how this slot game has been designed. One thing to keep in mind if and when you choose to play this slot is that you will have a range of stake level options and also plenty of options settings so you will be able to configure the slot to play in a way you find appealing.

The first thing we should tell you about are those staking options, for this game is available as both free play and by accessing it at no risk you will of course be able to sample the way it plays and make your owned informed decision as to whether it is one you would like to play for real money.

You will need to activate all of the 20 paylines on this slot as the paylines are fixed, and the coin values can be set as low as just 0.01 on the Genie Jackpots slot and as such all you penny players out there will be able to play it for just 0.20 per spin!

However, if you want to increase the chance of winning big you will be able to increase the coin values upwards in value, the maximum coin value limit is 25.00 and as such a maximum bet spin is 500.00, so high stake casino games players will certainly find it an appealing slot to play!

Payouts and Jackpots

Be aware that this casino game does have a live progressive jackpot on offer, however if you choose to play it for free then the jackpot element of the game will be deactivated! The value of the jackpot will keep on growing until it is won as it is fed by the stakes of all other players who are playing it online in a real money format. Most recently the jackpot was won by a player at Paddy Power. The lucky man scooped £2M on a £1 spin, which to be fair is some amount of money and life will never be the same again after that, which is what many players of this slot are shooting for. 

The way in which the progressive jackpot is awarded to players on this slot is certainly unique, for you could be awarded with it at random once you have triggered the main bonus game. Keep on reading for we will enlighten you as to how that bonus game is triggered and what you can win when it has been awarded to you!

Two percentage of your total stake amount is being added to the value of the progressive jackpot on each paid for spin you play off. However, an additional 0.02% of players’ stakes is also being fed into the reserve pot. Once a jackpot is won then the reserve pot becomes the seed value of the jackpot.

The base game non progressive jackpot is worth 500 times your line bet staked amount, and that jackpot is paid out to you whenever you have lined up five of the Monkey Wild symbols on any of your twenty pay lines.

As this slot comes with an Arabian theme, then in addition to the playing card reel symbols you will also find a mix of reel symbols which befit the theme. For full details of what each reel symbol can and will award when you get a winning combination spinning in simply click on the pay table button and all will then be revealed to you.

One important piece of information that all slot players will need to know about the Genie Jackpots game is just how high its payout percentage has been set! The long term expected payout percentage of this game has been set at 96.539% and that RTP has been certified and independently verified.

Be aware though that your single session RTP is going to fluctuate wildly due to this slot being 100% random. However as you can win the progressive jackpot on any spin it is certainly a slot worth playing from time to time!

Genie Jackpots Bonus Games and Bonus Features

You will need to pay attention to the next section of this review of the Genie Jackpots slot game, for we are now going to enlighten you as to all of the bonus games and bonus features that can be awarded to you when you are playing it!

Completely at random during any base game spin you could be awarded with the Three Wishes Power Spin bonus feature. When this has been awarded to you then you are simply tasked with clicking on one of the Lamps you will find displayed on the slot games screen.respins bonus

Depending on just which lamp you select you will then be awarded with one of several bonus features or bonus games. Below is an overview of each of those bonus games and bonuses features.

Genie Wilds and Respin Feature – When the Genies Wild and Respin feature is awarded to you any wild symbols that appear on the slot games screen will be locked into position and one single respin will then be awarded to you. Any additional winning combinations formed during that respin will then be paid as a bonus winning payout!

Genie Wilds All Wins Doubled – When this bonus feature is awarded to you any winning combination or combinations that are made up of any number of wild symbols will have the payout values doubled instantly. So the more winning combinations you have spinning in and that are formed with the help of those wild symbols the more you will stand to win!

Infectious Monkey Wilds –When you are awarded with the Infectious Monkey Wilds feature you will find Monkeys will suddenly start to jump onto the slot game screen, and reel positions that they attach themselves to will then become completely wild position for that spin.monkey wilds bonus

Guaranteed Bonus Game – You could also be awarded with one of two bonus games depending on just which Lamp you have selected. If you are then you will be awarded with either the Magic Carpet Bonus or the Mystery Win Bonus. These two bonus games can also be triggered via spun in reel symbols, and as such for an overview of what those two bonus games offer checkout the description of them below.

Progressive Jackpot – You will also have a chance of being awarded instantly with the huge valued progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the slot game screen after picking off one of the Lamps. If you do win that jackpot it will instantly be added to your casino account balance and the value of the jackpot will then be reset to the amount of cash in the reserve pot as described above.

Bonus Symbol Awarded Bonus Games

You will also have the chance of triggering two additional bonus games when playing this slot and those two bonus games are the Magic Carpet Bonus and the Mystery Win Bonus feature round. Below is an overview of how those bonus games are both structured.

Magic Carpet Bonus – You will need to spin in two of the Bonus reel symbols on reels one and three and a Magic Carpet Bonus symbol on reel five to be awarded with the Magic Carpet Bonus round. This is a multi stage pick to win styled round on which a payout worth up to 1000 times your staked amount can be awarded to you!magic carpet bonus round

Once triggered you are simply tasked with picking off locations for the bonus game screen, you will be hoping to reveal high values cash amounts along with the Advance message, for when you do you get to pick again.

If you reveal a Collect symbol then the bonus game will instantly end, with any cash prizes so far awarded to you being credited to your casino account balance!

Mystery Win Bonus – The final bonus game which can also be awarded to you when playing the Genie Jackpots slot game is the Mystery Win Bonus round. To get to play off this particular bonus game you need a bonus symbol spinning in on both reels one and three and the Mystery Win Bonus symbol appearing on reel number five on any one single base game spin.

As soon as that combination of those reel symbols has been spun in you will then see displayed on the bonus game screen the Genies Cave. You will then be randomly awarded a bonus cash payout by the Genie, which can be as high as 100 times your total base game staked amount!

Remember that as this game is a progressive jackpot paying slot, to have any chance of winning that huge and ever growing jackpot payout you need to play it online in a real money format, and if you do then here’s hoping that next jackpot winner is you!

If you’re still looking for more information on the game and our guide wasn’t quite what you were looking for then we highly recommend taking a look at out infographic which shows the full features of this immensely fun casino slot game in a very easy to digest manner. Tailored to be useful for those who are more visually orientated it makes for a top quality guide to Genie Jackpots that you simply will not find anywhere else online. It’s situated here if you want to take a look and let us know what you think!